Pro Audio in East Africa

SoundThread is currently undertaking our most ambitious and exciting project to date. Through help from Hivos and British Council we are hosting 12 Tanzanians in the UK who are placed at various global brand creative industry businesses. A central factor of SoundThread’s work is to contribute towards the development of cultural infrastructure in emerging creative economies.

We’ve been working in East Africa for over 4 years building recording studios and running training programs. However we’ve identified that the most significant socioeconomic impact can be made in the events sector and live production. This is driven by an exponential rise in interest and attendance in live music and high events production values, which is unfortunately lacking as an endemic problem throughout the region.

These placements will equip the participants with the experience and confidence to apply their newly acquired skills back in East Africa. Furthermore, SoundThread is, through a scheme of Microfinance, investing in these people further by importing components for pro-audio equipment so that all construction, manufacturing, maintenance will be carried out locally. This will make the supply chain more affordable and sustainable and through the monetising of this initial asset, over time and accumulation, will lead to jobs creation and a change in the production values throughout East Africa and beyond.

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