Capture Music
Establish Spaces
Build Audiences 

We create new musical works, establish spaces where this can be heard and build audiences around these works to ensure resilience within a variety of arts sectors.

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What we do


The Music Halls Project

This project is pioneering the use of public space for a number of Music Halls throughout the UK, bringing about a step change in localised arts provision and audience development. 

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Building Studio Spaces

We have established studio spaces in the UK and in various places throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with our flagship space being in the centre of London

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Collaborations & Campaigns

We provide effective campaigns to get the music we love into the right hands. We also co-craft the music and work to ensure it finds the right home and attracts the right audience.

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Organisational Development

We specialise in finding solutions for lasting impact in the arts. To this end we have established for-profit and non-profit organisations to run local artistic and infrastructure projects.

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Projects which tell compelling stories 

We love the music we help create, however for it to reach the right audiences and achieve a decent level of traction, the related stories need to be told in a way that engages and inspires.



Art for all

We are committed to ensuring everyone who wants to access the arts can. This is why we work towards developing performance spaces, programming relevant music which caters for local communities and providing opportunities for artists. We feel this holistic approach builds resilient arts sectors and artistically engages audiences.