Joined up thinking to get music we love heard by the people we respect.


SoundThread works closely with a variety of industry partners and for each campaign puts together a bespoke set of stakeholders to bring real impact to projects. 

An example of such is our tripartite partnership of Santuri (East Africa) SoundThread and OnTheCornerRecords. This collaboration has been successful on many occasions, ensuring end to end connectivity from co-creation to production to distribution that opens the lid exponentially on the budding East African ‘afro-futurist underground’.

This partnership has delivered high and lasting impact, through the array of industry leading global digital platforms that amplify these output via curated releases, film, live broadcasts, podcasts and magazine features in partnership with tastemakers such as Nyege Nyege/Botique Foundation in East Africa, Vinyl Factory, WorldWideFM, Thomas Ravenscroft and Gilles Peterson.


Over the past 5 years our collaborative work has seen releases on labels such as Soundway, Strut and has interfaced with significant platforms such as WOMEX, WOMAD, Vinyl Factory, WorldWideFM, the BBC, BoilerRoom, StampTheWax, Vice and SongLines magazine.

We are now in 2017/18 working on a new project to see these well established relationships go one step further in a strategic move to open the lid on an underrepresented scene in East Africa, by creating new art and reaching a new and significant local / global audience.

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Gilles Peterson Playing a record our partners OnTheCorner Records put out in 2016, a masively sucsessful campagn from Santuri's Embaire Umeme .
by Mugwisa International Xylophone Group