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Cultural Infrastructure

Creative visioning, fundraising and community engagement


Cultural Infrastructure 


Waltham Forest Borough of Culture

Wandsworth Borough Council

Nine Elms Cultural Partnership

Greater London Authority

St Mary's Creative Church Project, Walthamstow

Greenleaf Baptist Church, East London

St John's Church, Leytonstone


From creative visioning, fundraising and through to community engagement we work closely with cultural infrastructure development projects. We work with partners to help develop their community spaces to enable culturally diverse musical concerts to occur with more engaged audiences. 

We focus on cultural infrastructure development and placemaking projects working in partnership with local communities and curating relevant music programming appealing to local and national audiences.

We help the creative sector develop stronger ties with public space. In this way, both sectors can help sustain each other. Churches and other historic buildings have been spaces for performance for thousands of years. Many still seek to be the centre of their communities. Few have the tools they need, though. So, through customised engagement programs, we co-curate these spaces with them.


Our projects vary widely. From in-depth infrastructure development projects – installing sound and lighting systems and developing their production offer, to more classic arts curation. We also partner with organisations to help identify funding opportunities for projects.

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