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Music Halls Project

Public spaces as performing arts places


Music Halls Project


St Mary's Music Hall

St John's Music Hall

I led a team which founded two music venues in North East London. Our approach was to work in partnership with the historic public spaces of two working churches. The opportunity presented itself after speaking with the leadership of both spaces and understanding that there was a lot of times when the venues were empty. Our priorities were aligned after hearing their aspirations of their spaces matched ours, which was to see more arts and culture take place there. 


St Mary’s in Walthamstow is where it all started, and we set about applying for funding from the Waltham Forest Local Authority and the Arts Council, both of which were successful. We then steered a significant bid to Heritage Fund and were successful in securing £1.6million of which was matched funded up to £3.3million. This money helped fully realised the aspirations of our shared priorities for these churches to become renowned performing arts venue. 

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