Organisational Development


SoundThread has been set up as a limited company since 2014. In this time we've established a strong governance structure which keeps us both nimble and accountable. When working closely with electronic music producers in East Africa we wanted to galvanise their collective efforts by developing an organisational structure around them. We therefore set up Santuri as a non-profit organisation based in Kenya, applying our learning to an autonomous entity whose beginnings were a project of SoundThread. This model transfers agency and ownership to entrepreneurs and innovators in their fields. 

Establishing this structure also enabled SoundThread to secure funding of €100,000 (courtesy of HIVOS) to expand our music works regionally throughout East Africa.

The genesis of Santuri was born out of a consensus that the East African region [Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda] was under-performing on a global stage and under-representing its incredibly rich and diverse talent - the local music industry so often swamped by western-influenced and highly commercial sounds.

Santuri connected with this feeling of discontent by musicians and music lovers, and developed a series of events and projects over the course of its first year to road test a concept – that through developing interesting collaborations, widening the sonic palette, and approaching the creation of music in a professional yet innovative way – new East African sounds would resonate around the region and much further beyond.



Santuri Team Nairobi
Taken as part of our workshops connecting producers from all over East Africa