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Supporting Emerging Talent

Providing bespoke opportunities to tomorrows stars


Multiple - thought most of my work


British Council 

Goethe Institut  

Alliance Francaise

Kings College London

Borough of Culture 2019



Central to all of my work is a commitment to supporting emerging talent. I see it as absolutely key to program delivery. Identifying and designing bespoke opportunities for learners can be a total game changer in their career prospects. Learning and participation then is central to a large percentage of my work. 


For example, the team and I at Borough of Culture ran a ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition whereby emerging local talent battelled it out to be part of the main performance, with over 52 artists from around the world playing on the day the UK was set to leave the EU. The artist Luke November went on to be offered a tonne of other shows because of this and is releasing his own record in 2020. 


I’ve also run similar projects internationally for the likes of British Council, Goethe Institute Alliance Francaise where I led a team in a program of collaboration, cultural exchange and learning skills from each other. Working with up and coming record producers from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Rawanda and Malawi. Some of this work was also funded by HIVOS, the Dutch development organisation. 

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